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Friday, November 30, 2007

Well I tried to take a "model" shot but as you can see I just look silly LOL anyway I bought 'birdlady' tshirt of mine and I actually really like it YAY.
Anyway work has been super busy with the lead up to Xmas and I have had no energy or time to do much else. I did go to a council event to celebrate artists in the Marrickville area which was a great night with great wine and food and cool performances.
Cintia is doing wonders down in Melbourne selling my prints which is fantastic and will certainly help with the credit card debt I racked up today buying chrissy pressies, I was crazy to think I could do it all in one day I did try but 5 bags later I struggled to the bus stop stressed and over it. But at least I have half of it done!
Also I just wanted to mention how many great people I have met through the artist online community Red bubble I never thought joining a place to sell artwork would uncover such a cool bunch of peeps:) and never thought I sell so many t shirts!!
Well hope you are all looking forward to Christmas cheer and food and wine hhhmmmmmm and a few well deserved days rest.


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