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Friday, November 16, 2007

Woohoo my article came out today, in the Herald Sun home mag, check it out!
I just want to say a big thanks to Cintia from My poppet for all her support.

On other news, selling lots of T-shirts over at Red Bubble and was in Balmain fair the other weekend and sold lots of prints and magnets too. I have been very busy at work too November being the busiest time, so there's not much creative energy left on the weekends these days.... But I just dropped some toys off at M.A.D in Newtown for the xmas rush.
Hope everyone is happy and healthy. Sending out lots of love to my sisters too xx Tam


At 8:23 PM , Blogger Violet & Rose said...

Great article Tamara. I read it this morning. Well done.

At 5:39 PM , Blogger Sandra Evertson said...

Your site is Fantastic! Love your style!
Sandra Evertson

At 2:52 AM , Blogger tambatoys said...

thanks ladies :)

At 3:57 AM , Blogger jen said...

yay tam, congrats again, although i was in the beautiful melbourne, spending the day with "you know who" tee hee hee, i missed it :(

can you please photocopy it so i can see it? would love that!

hope all is well, i assume they are reading all the stuff you've been up to!

much love, jen


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