eat, sleep, create

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hey all,
I have been super busy of late but I went to the affordable art show at fox studios last night with my pal and very talented Janet and it was great, so inspiring to walk amidst so much art!! I discovered an few new up and coming artist that are awesome, a printmaker named Jane Fontane had some amazing work and also photographer Paola Talbert who are both represented by United galleries
I felt so inspired :) that I did this today
hope everyone is happy out there today!

Monday, October 15, 2007

This is me in my new Favourite t-shirt designed by Mike Hepburn my cyber buddie over at Redbubble I love it.
latest gossip in my life well the company I work for sold so I have a new boss but my old boss is now the manager, so it's all bit weird at the moment I will stick around and see how it pans out. I am still selling tees over at RB which is really putting a smile on my dial, and giving a little extra cash to buy some art (of course). I bought some great cards of Redbuble and also a lovely handmade purse by innocentgirl from etsy whose work I am a big fan of. I have made some great contacts on RB too and been involved in fun collaboratives which have pushed me artistically too which is great.
I went to Surry Hills festival last Sunday and that was a lot fun. Also my boyfriend has discovered a site called blurb.com where you custom design photography books of you're own work and he is being obsessive and creating some from our travels this year, so far he has spent days doing them, it's a great site with free software check it out x

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hey guess who is the artist on the couch over at redbubble it's me! Go check it out :)