eat, sleep, create

Friday, May 25, 2007

Chaos central............
Well it's Sat. morning and I have been up since 7am ( usually it's 9/10am) trying to get as much done for the exhibition before I need to pack and get organised to go Vietnam...... I am surrounded by work in various stages of completion. I have sketched the ideas for the small paintings, and have papered and painted the wood, but they still need sanding and need a second coat of paint. I have almost finished the 8th and 9th of the large paintings, but still need to paint all the backs and attached hanging stuff , god I am going to busy the 2 weeks when I get back!! Oh and I also have to make 2 super large stuffed tamabtoys for the gallery windows. At least I have finished designing the invite...
Must go

Monday, May 21, 2007

O.K so, its nearly 12pm and it's a Monday night and I really need to go to bed.
Today after work I went to a friend's place to pick up some wood for some mini paintings for the exhibition, then painted for 3 hrs, made dinner and now I am shopping on Etsy, and I should be fast asleep !

But I just found an artist I have like for a while has an etsy shop and I bought this awesome drawing, this is my second original piece of art I have ever bought. Check out it out under sold Items It's by Ryan Myer I love it!!
goodnight x x

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Well I am making some progress with the paintings but it's still slow and steady... I got a great compliment today though, the lovely guy who owns Image Science which prints my work, bought some of my work to print onto large canvases' for his soon to be born daughters room. Wow, I was soooo happy about that!!!
Now I have been trying to help with the housework which is at the moment a very low priority for me but with the painting and the etsying and general obsessing I have not done too much this weekend. I will have to do some dishes tonight as they are balancing and tittering on the counters...I have posted this picture of a little original I did the other night. I am doing some like this for the exhibition to go with the larger paintings, if I get the time when I get back from Vietnam!
I bought this very cool etsy cheepcheep ring even though I should be saving, oops..
see ya

Friday, May 18, 2007

So it's been a couple of days since I last blogged, but I had a shitty day at work including tears :( and its taken me a couple of days to get over it, but I am painting like a madwomen as I realize I do not have enough time to get it all done before i go to Vietnam for our holiday on the 29th !
I am going to have to pull some all nighter hahah which anyone who knows me, knows that I freak out at about 1.30 and become like a whingey 5 year old :)
I have been posting a bit on the forums on Etsy and I am finding that the etsy community are really a great bunch of supportive people, ya.
Must go paint bye....

The photo I have posted is one my boyfriend took, for those who are not Australian it's of Sydney harbour at night, which is a few suburbs away from were we live.

Monday, May 14, 2007

So some of you may have realised that I am a day ahead cos this is USA blogger thingy so today is actually Tuesday and I have just got home from work, and well it was long and pretty crappy but I tend to think about ideas and my exhibition while I work :) I was going to paint some more tonight but I am feeling pretty stuffed. I did get a lovely surprise in the mail today, some super cute buttons/pins from Sakura Kitty Creative they are very cute. I love getting things in the post last week I got some postcard from Apak (from etsy) 'the happy hermit series' Which are just adorable!!! hmm and I also splurged on a Matte Stephens print ' suburban bear monster' which is very cool, not sure where it's going to go though, our 2 bedroom flat is completely stuffed with things, my boyfriend has a book obsession and I have art stuff and fabric in every nook , behind every door and under the bed etc it really is way too small for two such "stuff " people .
I have so much stuff I try and clear out things but they just build up again so fast! Oh yeah I forgot to share with a pic of part of the toy order I sent off last week. I sell the toys in a gallery in Canberra called "the hive" which is an amazing place full of arty things and at M.A.D. in Sydney. I do not sell these on etsy because I do not want to undersell the stores and there are heaps of really cute toys on etsy which all seem to be to very well priced and I can not really price mine any lower. Convo me though if you really keen. Anyway that's all for now, Ciao

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hi all,
O.K It's now Sunday and I have been doing lots of painting, so I feel a little less stressed :) I have finished 4, only 6 to do!!! crap now I feel a bit stressed again, oh well gotta keep positive...
Oh yeah I sold another print last night which has made me very happy, and gal who bought seems super nice ya! I am thinking of listing some little originals hhmmm not sure how they would go, anyway here's a little pic of my first one.. enjoy

Friday, May 11, 2007

Why can't I get motivated!!! ARRRRRRGh I am suppose to be painting and doing washing and dishes (as instructed by my better half who has to work all weekend) but what am I doing trying to work out how to link on my blog and I am a bit clueless some times but after reading it ten times hhhm right I cut this type paste in my template blahblah YES it works YA and first link is to my fav seller on etsy Ashley!!
Now I really gotta go paint..
check my first one for the show

Hi a very clever girl said somewhere that etsy plus blog equals more connection with your customers... so here I am with my own lil blog...
I put my etsy shop last weekend and I have been thinking about doing it for months but I guess its one of those things, when you actually take the risk to put your art out there you can no longer 'think about it' and the reality that they may not sell like hot cakes becomes real..
Anyway after posting 10 prints for sale I sold two in the first 2 days YA I got all excited and jumped around alot but well that was 5 days ago and I have not sold anymore yet... I now have 15 prints up for sale.. I am trying not to be etsy obsessive and checking every hour but its hard not to... In the mean time I have an exhibition on in about 8 weeks which I am way behind on and I am going with my better half to Vietnam in three weeks ...ECK gotta stop looking at etsy, reading peoples blogs and get my ass into gear..