eat, sleep, create

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hi all, well it's happening I am going down to Melbourne to the opening of MY POPPET the new shop by Cinti where my prints are being sold through, and I am being interviewed by the one of the Newspapers Wooh Who!! A bit nervous really, being my first interview and all, but it should be fun and exposure is what it's all about :) clap, clap and as my best friend says "you're really shaken and a movin now baby! "
Also today I got my MOO cards sent from the U.K which for those who do not know are cute little cards through flickr they are very sweet and my first business cards. I also had a funny sale off etsy where I knew who the person was but they did not know me!! Such a small world, it was a friend of mines sister in-law who I had heard about but never met. How cool, I love coincidences.
I have posted lots of new work on etsy, I hope people like them. I am really happy with the new paintings I have done. Actually my boyfriend sent me an interesting article on Jason Benjamin a very successful, talented Australian painter and he was still full of self doubt about his talent, it really shocked me. Surely at some level of fame you think you're fantastic?? Maybe or maybe artistic people are always fuelled by that insecurity, it's probably his driving motivation, there's hope for me yet.
gotta go to sleep now bye....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hi there here is a little drawing I did on the weekend. I have done 4 more in this style get I will get them on etsy soon. For any new visitors to my blog if you feel like saying hello or giving me some feed back just click on the pink words at the bottom of this entry that says 'comments' you just need an email address :) Other gossip I bought a new scanner the other day can not wait till it arrives. And I am so excited to be going down to Melbourne to give my prints to a new shop (real life) opening by a fellew esty gal Cinti. So happy to be invited to sell work there. Larger size prints A3 will be sold there too :) I will keep you post where and the name of the shop as I have yet to get all the details. bye for now

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hi all sorry about the lack of blogging I needed a serious break after the last few weeks… but to everyone who came down for the opening thank you so much I had an awesome time and I was very surprised and happy at the big buy up by all. I have attached some pics from the night. I have started some new drawings which I will post next time. I have had 2 more etsy sales in the last week YA and a new contact in Melbourne that may lead to selling some prints in her shop.