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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ya! I have finally finished all the work for my show, wow it feels good!
I am hanging the show tomorrow after work. Today is Sunday and we have to clean our apartment as it's has recently slid into a major mess in the past 2 months!! My boyfriend's mother and best friend are arriving tomorrow from Perth and they are staying for 4 nights, so we need to try and clear some space so they will actually fit in here. If I get it all done by this afternoon the etsy Sydney street team are having coffee today a couple of suburbs away so I may make it, I am feeling quite exhausted though....

I am so excited about seeing all my friends and family especially my mum and two sisters, and my best friend is flying up from Melbourne. It's so great they are all coming and being so supportive :) I spoke to one of my sister's yesterday and she is bringing my two nieces ( 3 and 7) too!
O.K better have some coffee now.....
next post snaps of the show
the above pic is of beautiful Halong bay in the North of Vietnam were we stay overnight on a Junk!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Well it's getting very close to the show and I am still madly working on stuff!!!
I finished the 10 small paintings and they all have their hooks etc on the back ready to hang, I am half way through the two large toys and I am still painting number 10 painting. I did however finish a huge drawing which will now be in the show, funny it was a last minute addition and it's probably my favourite piece!
Great news also (still can not believe it) I got a call from the gallery yesterday and a lovely woman Polly bought the above painting from the invite, having only seen it printed! I was so surprised and excited!! So I have sold one even before the opening YA! I also sold another print on etsy to a nice Australian gal my first local sale on etsy!
Well I better get painting!
see ya

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

OOOHHH its so cold, my mum even got snow around her house, first time in 20 years! I had on jumper, jacket, beanie and scarf on and I was still cold waiting for the bus... suddenly 39 c in Vietnam seems like a faint memory....
Even though it was cold and rainy I still went to the artshop on the way home aaaahh the artshop what a lovely place all those fresh new pencils and paints. I could spend hours just looking at them all. I brought some much needed white paint and a few different pencils to 'try out' YA..........$ 43 later ouch!! At least I am not in too much debt from my holiday so I do not feel too guilty.
This is sneak preview of another painting for the show :)
I better go and help with dinner now..
See ya

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hi it's sunday arvo and the small paintings are all most done
and I am trying to remain calm, but my whole family is coming to the show and my partners mum is flying up from Melbourne so sweet but I am feeling a little bit of pressure.....
I have to go back to work tomorrow
URGH I do not want to go back, I think I will start to look for another job I think after the exhibition. I have included some pics of my boots and cute green mary janes I got in Vietnam hhmmmmm bargain shoes my favourite thing, also the fab red leather bag I got copied from a magazine I luckily had brought for the plane trip!!
I love travelling but
I have to admit sleeping back in your own bed is bliss...

hi there, here is the invite for the show ;) I have painted all day with the exception of a trip to woolworths for some much needed groceries!! Which was a good excuse to wear my new boots I had made in Vietnam- picture dark brown knee high flats. It is now 1am and I am fading fast.. I am feeling a little anxious about the exhibition feeling a bit of artistic anxiety I am sure any artistic kids out there know that feeling the one that goes what am I doing all my work is crap.... I know these feeling get me from time to time I just try and shake them off usually by losing hours on the net lusting after shoes and art etc anyway another big day tomorrow....... ciao

Friday, June 15, 2007

WOW Vietnam was amazing!! So many people, sights and sounds it's hard to describe, we visited the south, middle and north of the country. It was soooooo hot, around 37 c most days which made it a little hard at times, but there were not so many tourists which was great.
Vietnam a very easy country to get around and the internal flights are quite cheap making it possible to see more of the country in a short holiday. We also got a three hr train ride along the coast, in the middle between Denang and Hue, which was really beautiful.
I tried to not think about all the stuff had to still do for the exhibition and there was so much to see and do I mostly forgot about everything at home which was a great escape, and I got over my obsessive etsy addiction too. We only arrived back this morning so I am trying to have a quite night before I get busy again tomorrow. I just sent the invite artwork to the printers though, so that's something off my list!!!!
O.K , I am off to watch Scrubs which we bought the whole 5 seasons on dodgy DVD.
bye for now